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TLV Capital Multinational  Holdings Corp.

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Who we are

TLV Capital is a multinational holdings corporation with a strong presence in the Israeli and Eastern European markets. 

By leveraging the collective expertise of visionary founders, technology, and industry specialists, TLV Capital spearheads the development of enterprises within the Financial Services, Tech, and Consulting sectors.

Guided by the unwavering principles established by our founder, Uri Shmueli, TLV Capital is committed to building businesses that drive innovation and provide valuable products and solutions

Why partner with us ?
Having seen the journey of the financial and the tech industries over the last several decades, we understand the unique challenges of building a successful business, and we bring to leverage the unique business networks and industry relationships that we have established over the years.
Our portfolio businesses also benefit from the reputation and brand equity of TLV Capital, thus making it easier for the businesses to forge new relationships with vendors and attract high quality employees. We also encourage our investee businesses to collaborate and set-up a mutually reinforcing ecosystem by sharing resources and best practices.
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Our companies 

We are a reputable holding company with a diversified portfolio spanning various sectors.

In the financial services sector, we possess a mix of companies that cater to the needs of businesses and individuals alike. Our insurance agencies provide comprehensive coverage options, and our financing services cater to both B2B and B2C markets.


Within the technology industry, we have invested in software houses that develop cutting-edge solutions to address industry challenges. Moreover, our digital insurance comparison arena offers a convenient platform for users to compare and select suitable insurance options.


Our consulting division specializes in regulatory compliance, risk management, and business development. With a focus on the Eilat area, we provide expert guidance to companies seeking to navigate complex regulatory frameworks, manage risks effectively, and drive sustainable growth.


Additionally, as part of our commitment to fostering innovation, we have an arm dedicated to holding and representing East European technology and AI companies. Through strategic partnerships and support, we empower these companies to expand their operations and unlock their full potential.


We pride ourselves on our dedication to excellence, technological advancements, and strategic collaborations. With our diverse range of companies, we bring together expertise from multiple sectors to create value and drive long-term success.

TLV Capital

Our leadership team

We are a team of founders, top tier managers ,advisors and investors under one roof via a decentralized organizational structure. We come from diverse backgrounds that include technology, finance, regulation and public service.  

Uri Shmueli Chairman of TLV Capital

Uri Shmueli is a visionary investor, the founder and the Chairman of TLV Capital. 
Uri was
born in Tel Aviv in 1969, grew up in the southern port city of Eilat, and was appointed as CEO of a financial company before the age of 28.
Prior launching TLV Capital, Uri worked for nearly 2 decades in the financial services industry; having served as Deputy CEO at AIG (IL), Deputy CEO at Migdal Capital Markets, Vice President at Meitav Dash, and CEO of Clal Provident Funds. Read our Chairman's message >

Erez Segman, CEO

Adv. Or Elyashiv, Head of Legal 

CPA Joseph Netanel, CFO,

Alex Kushnir, Chairman, Subsidiary

Meir Yitzhak Halevi, Chairman, Subsidiary 

Dudi Rozenzweig, CEO, Subsidiary 

Hanan Shwartz, CEO, Subsidiary

Eliooz Rabin, Chairman, Subsidiary

Adv. Yitzhak Zaken, CEO, Subsidiary

Dani Segman, CEO, Subsidiary 

Eyal Schwartz, CEO, Subsidiary 

Yury Kiseljov, CEO, Subsidiary 

Aviad Levi, CEO, Subsidiary 

David Sydney, CEO, Subsidiary 

CPA Liad Segman, Deputy CEO, Subsidiary 

CPA Sam Samson, CEO, Subsidiary 

Uri Shemer, Innovation VP

CPA Yariv GurfinkelSubsidiaries Accountant

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Our history


 TLV Capital Founded

Beginning of TLV Capital activity in Europe


TLV's Eastern Europe Fintech arm opens


TLV's Israeli Financial Service arm opens

Israeli TLV Capital Financial Service arm opens


TLV's  Israeli Consulting arm opens


TLV's Israeli Tech arm opens



Opening offices in the southern port city of Eilat


 The TLV Digital holdings company opens


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