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An Investment Holdings Group 

Invests across a multitude of segments with a specific focus on the finance sector


Companies Owned By TLV



Where We Operate




Our Focus

We are an Investment Holdings Group operating in Tel Aviv, Minsk & Paris, investing across three segments with a specific focus on investments in the finance sector.

Since our founding by Uri Shmueli, we creates value by building trusting partnerships and effective working relationships with our companies leveraging their industry knowledge and accessing our vast network of resources. 

TLV Capital Tel Aviv
TLV Capital Paris
TLV Capital Minsk

Our Companies 

TLV Capital Group’s investment portfolio comprises 13 companies, and covering 3 countries.

Through innovative business models, cutting-edge products, and service excellence, our companies are actively involved in shaping their industries for the good.

Our current portfolio companies include, among others, Real Estate Funds in partnership with an Insurance Company, a Mortgage and Loan Broker, an Alternative investment Distribution Company, a Customer Retention and Risk Management Consulting Company, VC Funds Development Company, an Investment Banking Division in Eurasia Region, Fund of Funds company, European Software Company, Insurance Agency, Marketplace for Insurance Sellers, Consulting company for the Development of the Arava (from the south of the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Eilat) and Financial Planning Company (Certified Financial Planner).

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A subsidiary of TLV Capital
A subsidiary of TLV Capital
A subsidiary of TLV Capital
A subsidiary of TLV Capital
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Our Leadership Team

We focus on finding value.
We have a differentiated focus on carve-out acquisitions and partnerships with entrepreneurs, Utilizing an extensive activist management model. We work intimately with each company’s management.

Since its inception, TLV Capital has cultivated a strong “one culture” philosophy, and our team operates in a highly cohesive and fluid manner. 

Uri Shmueli, Owner & Chairman, TLV Capital   

Joseph Netanel, CFO, TLV Capital

Or Elyashiv, Legal Counsel, TLV Capital

Erez Segman, CEO, Financia Capital

Alex Kushnir, Chairman, Financia Mortgage

Meir Yitzhak Halevi, CEO, Arava Development Company 

Dudi Rozenzweig, CEO, Financia Mortgage

Hanan Shwartz, CEO, Magen Capital

Eliooz Rabin, Partner, Magen Capital

Yitzhak Zaken, Chief Risk Officer, TLV Capital

Menashe Dalal, CEO, Financia Insurance

Oren Bilavski, Partner, Financia Insurance

Eyal Schwartz, CEO, Trusty Group

Yury Kiseljov, CEO, Tel Aviv TeSet

Elad Magen, CEO, Rhino Capital

Yevgeny Azarevich, CEO, TLV VC

Aviad Levi, CEO, Global Capital

Michelle Dorian, CEO, Paris - Tel Aviv Finance Solutions 

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Why Partner With Us ?
Having seen the journey of the financial industry over the last several decades, we understand the unique challenges of building a successful business, and we bring to leverage the unique business networks and industry relationships that we have established over the years.
Our portfolio businesses also benefit from the reputation and brand equity of TLV Capital, thus making it easier for the businesses to forge new relationships with vendors and attract high quality employees. We also encourage our investee businesses to collaborate and set-up a mutually reinforcing ecosystem by sharing resources and best practices.

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