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TLV Capital Multinational  Holdings Corp.


We are a Holdings Corporation with a presence in the Israeli and Eastern European markets, powering the  Financial and Tech sectors. 

TLV Capital is active in Alternative Investment, Investment Banking, Municipalities Bonds, Full-Cycle Software Development, Eastern European Tech Companies, and Cyber. Our past activities have been centered around a few themes such as Fintech and Online Investing Education, but we prefer not to be too rigid, which allows us to make business expansion in new areas.

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Our global employees across our Subsidiaries & Joint Ventures are the core of our competitive advantage. The greatest outcomes come from great teams.

From our founding, we’ve extended our focus from fintech and online investing education services to the structure of holdings group in the financial and tech sectors.

Our Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures activities span two continents with locations in Israel, Lithuania, and Poland.

TLV Capital Holdings  Corp.

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TLV Capital News
TLV Capital News
TLV Capital News
TLV Capital News
TLV Capital News
TLV Capital News
TLV Capital News


Our history


The company was registered in Tel Aviv

TLV Capital office in Minsk.jpg


Eastern Europe Online Investing Education activity started


The TLV Capital brand was registered as Holdings Group


Subsidiary opens in the southern port city of Eilat

TLV Capital office in Eilat.jpg


The TLV Digital brand was founded and registered

TLV Digital office
TLV Capital Warsaw office


Lithuanian and Polish Tech activity started


Continue entering new partnerships

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