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Our Active Companies

TLV Capital invests across three segments with a specific focus on investments in the finance sector. We partner with strong leadership teams to implement strategic initiatives and operational improvements which create long-term value for our companies stakeholders.

The TLV Capital Organizational Chart


TLV Capital companies' Legal Entity & Services

TLV Capital Financial Services

TLV Capital’s Financial Services arm includes the following companies:
- Tel Aviv Capital Ltd.   
Company Website
- Financia Mortgage Ltd.   Company Website
- Rhino Capital Ltd.   Company Website
- Delta Target Ltd.  
- Firstrade Academy LLC.  
- Global Capital Ltd.  
- TLV VC.   
Company Website
- Financia Hachshara Ltd.   Company Website
- RAK Ltd.

- Trusty Group Ltd.    Company Website

Services provided by the Financial arm include: 
- Mergers and acquisitions, companies holdings management.
- Mortgage consulting.
- VC funds development.
- Distribution of alternative investment products.
- Intraday trading training.
- Fund of funds development.
- Investment banking in the Eurasia region.
- Loan for real estate projects.

- Credit and guarantees for residential construction.
- Completion of equity.
- Insurance price comparison platform.

- Insurance broker services in various areas.
Marketplace for Insurance Sellers.

TLV Capital Technology

TLV Capital’s Technology arm includes the following company:
- Tel Aviv TeSet Ltd.  
The services provided by the Technology arm include:
- Migrating applications to cloud platforms.
- Solution architecture and design.
- MVP development.
- Technical consulting and support.

TLV Capital Consulting 

TLV Capital’s Consulting arm includes the following companies:
- Magen Capital Ltd.  
- TLV Consulting Ltd.    
Company Website

The services provided by the Consulting arm include:
- Risk management.   

- Capital markets regulation.
- Compliance and enforcement.
- Customer retention.
Compliance and Enforcement.
- Special luxury service for Family-Owned businesses.

- TLV Capital Luxury.    
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Businesses Under the Spotlight

A subsidiary of TLV Capital

Financia Mortgage Ltd

With over 10 years of experience, Financia Mortgage’s team combines an in-depth knowledge of the industry and key partnerships within Israel’s banking community to assist you in getting the right loans at the lowest rates. We pride ourselves in our premium customer service and our track record of making the mortgage process as hassle free as possible.

Financia Mortgage's Paris branch enabling us to provide mortgage solutions for For foreign residents living in France in addition to the Israeli mortgage products we offer.

A subsidiary of TLV Capital

Tel Aviv TeSet Ltd

TeSet is a European leading IT company with a representative office in Israel.
We’re a veteran and innovative company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in Digital, Data, Software Dev, Knowledge Management Blockchain, and more -technology and operations, combining unmatched experience and specialized skills, for a variety of challenges mainly in the financial sphere.

Our understanding, attention, and technology help clients improve their performance and create
sustainable value for their customers and stakeholders.

Trusty Group Ltd

The world of insurance and finance is undergoing changes, a large part of the change is due to digital changes and innovations. One of the reasons for establishing the site stems from the need to simplify the world of insurance for the consumer, and allow him to make a purchase of insurance products via the Internet and to receive humane and professional service.

Trusty Group  provides a service that enables a short, efficient and focused procedure to receive quotes for insurance from a wide variety of insurance agents, who work with a wide variety of insurance companies and hundreds of insurance products - in all this chaos there is a need for one website that will gather all the information, simplify it and access the details to consumers. 

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