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Our Active Companies

TLV Capital invests across three segments with a specific focus on investments in the finance sector. We partner with strong leadership teams to implement strategic initiatives and operational improvements which create long-term value for our companies stakeholders.

TLV Capital's investment portfolio may change over time as it continues to seek out promising investment opportunities.

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Legal Entity




Financia Mortgage Ltd


Mortgage consulting

Rhino Capital Ltd


VC funds development

TLV VC  (Brand)


Eurasia Investment Banking Division

Delta Target Ltd


Distribution of alternative investment products

Financia Insurance Ltd


Insurance broker (A regulated company)

Tel Aviv Global Capital Ltd


Fund of funds development

The Real Estate Entrepreneurship Fund Ltd


Distribution of alternative investment products

The Entrepreneurship & Growth Management

Fund 2 Ltd


Credit and guarantees for residential construction

Trusty Group Ltd


Marketplace for insurance brokers, companies & consumers

Paris - Tel Aviv Finance Solutions Ltd


Certified Financial Planning

Financia Securities Ltd


Trading in commercial and private mortgages

Global SCM Financing Solutions Ltd 


Supply chain management financing

Tel Aviv TeSet Ltd


Software development, Migrating applications to cloud platforms

Rhino Tech (Brand)


Software developers  solutions

Magen Capital Ltd


Customer retention

TLV Regulation & Risk Management Ltd


Capital markets regulation, Compliance & enforcement

Eilat Leaders Ltd


Consulting and initiating projects in the fields of marine & desert agriculture, green energy, desert  & healing tourism

TLV Capital Luxury (Brand)


Special service for Family-Owned businesses

As of May 2023, the current portfolio companies shown on this page reflect those partnerships made by TLV Capital for which TLV Capital has a representative on the board of the portfolio company.

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Businesses Under the Spotlight

A subsidiary of TLV Capital

Tel Aviv TeSet Ltd

TeSet is a European leading IT company with a representative office in Israel.
We’re a veteran and innovative company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in Digital, Data, Software Dev, Knowledge Management Blockchain, and more -technology and operations, combining unmatched experience and specialized skills, for a variety of challenges mainly in the financial sphere.

Our understanding, attention, and technology help clients improve their performance and create
sustainable value for their customers and stakeholders.


Trusty Group Ltd

The world of insurance and finance is undergoing changes, a large part of the change is due to digital changes and innovations. One of the reasons for establishing the site stems from the need to simplify the world of insurance for the consumer, and allow him to make a purchase of insurance products via the Internet and to receive humane and professional service.

Trusty Group  provides a service that enables a short, efficient and focused procedure to receive quotes for insurance from a wide variety of insurance agents, who work with a wide variety of insurance companies and hundreds of insurance products - in all this chaos there is a need for one website that will gather all the information, simplify it and access the details to consumers. 



TLV Capital's Corporate Governance, Due Diligence Values, Controls, and Principles:

  • We will only undertake and invest in businesses and opportunities we fully understand.


  • We will only invest in corporate and non-corporate entities, structures and individuals with whom we are comfortable doing business with – no matter how attractive the commerciality of a transaction may appear. Getting “comfortable” includes but is not restricted to: 

  1. The jurisdiction of incorporation / registration / residence. 

  2. A very clear understanding and acceptance of the source of wealth of all individuals involved in the transaction or where a non-individual entity, the source of funds/funding from which the assets being acquired have been derived. 

  3. The reputation of individuals and entities involved in any potential transaction.

  4. Complete compliance with any applicable governmental sanctions and policies.

  • We will maintain a robust control and oversight of the expenditure being incurred throughout the organizational structure to ensure costs are well and appropriately managed.

  • We will always focus on Fairness, Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency and Integrity.

  • Please note that TLV Capital is not an investment adviser, is not registered as an investment adviser, and does not seek, solicit or accept investment advisory clients or provide investment advice to third-party investors.

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