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TLV Capital Luxury

Our Luxury Solutions For Family-Owned Businesses
Family-owned businesses that are managed independently
may be influenced by the personal interests of involved family members, which harms the efficiency of the business. An external CEO makes it possible to create clear boundaries between the family and the business, and with his power to deal professionally with challenges typical of a family business such as leading changes and renewal, effective intergenerational communication, retirement arrangements for the founding generation, and more.

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Our Luxury Service - Appointment of an external CEO

  • The external CEO will be appointed for a fixed period of 6-12 months.

  • The external CEO will focus on increasing the company's performance, maximizing its capabilities, and expanding the business infrastructure.

  • The external CEO will deal with the training of the CEO whom the family has chosen to manage its business..

  • In a situation where the family has not chosen an internal manager, the external CEO will assist in the recruitment and placement of a VP or a hired professional CEO and his integration into the position.

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