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Tel Aviv TeSet.

A TLV Capital Company 

We create transparent effective solutions enabling trust
We are an Israeli leading software company with 3 development centers in Europe. We have extensive expertise migrating applications to Cloud platforms, providing technical consulting, and supporting Customers in expanding their business presence around the world, keeping in mind various legal and compliance implications caused by multi-country business operations as well as data and financial processing.

High-performance teams stand for you to deliver high-quality solutions that meet our customer's needs. We are here for you to set out on an incredible journey.


Our Services

  1. Business Case Analysis - We evaluate the business opportunity for your new idea.

  2. Solution Architecture and Design -  We help you significantly reduce development costs and rework percentage by building the right software architecture for you.

  3. Prototype - We design a fully functional prototype that shows the business flow of a future product.

  4. MVP Development - We help clients improve their business visibility by creating high-quality, Minimum viable product solutions.

  5. Implementation - We rely on a structured, comprehensive approach from design to testing to help you achieve optimal outcomes from your software solution quickly.

  6. Maintenance and Support - We help businesses keeping their IT infrastructures fully operable, flexible, and secure.

Why Choose Us

  1. Professional Team - Dedicated team of professionals implements the most cutting-edge software solutions based on the client's business needs. People are the engine of a business.
    To make a client’s vision a reality our dedicated team of professionals implements the most cutting-edge software solutions based on the client's business needs. We cultivate collaboration spirit, assigning specialists in versatile areas to work on the projects, making greatest achievements a result of our combined efforts.

  2. Compliance -  We make sure your business systems optimized, secure and comply with internal and external regulations. We care about keeping your information safe and well-protected. Clients can rely on us as we’re committed to maintain the highest standards of quality, business ethics and integrity via deliverables and services we’re focused on.

  3. Transparency and Trust - Clear and transparent discussions about business goals, objectives and challenges. We exhibit high moral and ethical principles in our business operations by leveraging honest feedback steer a steady course for improving processes and driving high-quality results. We invite you to really be a part of our business and its vision.

  4. Client Focus - We firmly believe that tailoring state-of-the-art services to our clients is our primary principle. Our goal is keeping our clients happy. Taking care of our clients’ needs, we make processes flow smoothly. We build personalized client experiences by listening and implementing client’s feedback. Analyzing client’s business requirements, we propose the most appropriate methodology and solution dependent on the set goals. While we roll up the sleeves and get involved, you reap the benefits.

Yury Kiseljov CEO Tel Aviv TeSet

Yury Kiseljov

CEO, Tel Aviv TeSet

Uri Shmueli

Chairman, Tel Aviv TeSet



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