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Paris Tel Aviv.

A TLV Capital Company 

Providing hi-end software solutions and teams

The demand for engineers and software engineers is constantly increasing all over the world. According to a study by the American Bureau of Labor (BLS), the global shortage of programmers today stands at 40 million and will reach 80 million by 2030.

In Israel, the problem is very noticeable: the relatively small population, alongside one of the highest growth rates in the world of the high-tech industry, creates a permanent shortage of programmers - which necessitates an exit from the local market in order to deal with the limited supply.

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Employing an offshore workforce has some obvious challenges, including cultural gaps, language gaps and of course - remote work. Talking about the challenges of remote work in 2023 may sound like old news, but when it comes to offshore employment it has additional implications that employers are not always aware of.

Hiring with this method requires adjustment of the management methods, obviously, but the required change is deeper, and comes right down to the nature of the candidates being considered and the way in which we examine them.

The challenges of working offshore

There are some inherent differences between remote work within Israel's borders and that done overseas. In terms of the work environment, the Offshore programmer works from home or a remote office - usually separately from his manager, and in the case of a distributed team, also from the other team members. In addition, his agenda is not clearly defined by the framework of a physical office. In some cases, the working hours are also different or do not completely overlap, due to working from different time zones. Of course, in the case of working from home there are also distractions such as children and family.


In addition, working remotely removes from the equation the organic occurrences that are a significant part of working in the office, such as synchronizing with a colleague about the work in the coffee corner or the manager's spontaneous jump to the position to understand what the status is. In addition, there is a difficulty in creating a sense of belonging for the programmer to the company, which may harm his commitment.

The secret lies in the soft skills

The differences in the nature of remote work require us to choose employees who are adapted to this form of work, even before we talk about his or her technical skills. Remote work requires a combination of character traits, experience and certain soft skills.


Because of the limited supply of programmers in Israel, companies do not have the privilege of giving up candidates who are technologically suitable for the job but have difficulty with the soft skills. What helps in the decision is the fact that the significance of such skills is less in this type of job. I have seen many employers make this choice: they weigh the cost against the benefit and understand that even if the candidate is not perfect, it will work. In quite a few jobs in the software world, soft skills are a welcome thing, but still nice to have.

But in jobs where the work is remote, the situation is different and soft skills are of great importance. They are so important that working with a programmer who is not gifted with them is destined for failure. When you examine candidates, pay attention to some important qualities and abilities: taking responsibility, proactivity, cooperation and teamwork, self-discipline, critical thinking, problem solving, self-assessment, resistance to pressure, transparency and mental flexibility.

And on the other hand - a change in the management approach

Choosing programmers who are suitable for remote work is only one side of the equation. The other and no less important side is re-examining the management method and making adjustments.


The distance, the lack of a framework, language and cultural limitations, the more flexible nature of the work, distributed team members and different working hours - these are, in the end, the reasons why a traditional management method will not work here.


For example, in remote work there is a greater emphasis on communication in correspondence than in meetings. When it comes to non-Israeli metal, face-to-face meetings lose their effectiveness. Correct use of chat is a substitute for the organic synchronization that occurs in an office environment and contributes to overcoming language barriers.

In addition, it is important that team members update status in a more frequent and proactive manner to allow the manager a view of the work. Such an update in the chat also helps in creating a framework that is somewhat lacking in remote work, which creates the feeling of togetherness and contributes to belonging and commitment to the company and the product.


Another issue that is important to emphasize in remote work is defining clear work procedures and sticking to a management methodology (such as Scrum) in a more strict way. Thus, documentation of decisions and frequent updates in the management system take on greater significance. This is because we want to be able to see the progress of the work at any moment of the day, without having to schedule a sync meeting or ask each team member what they are working on.


Finally, it is important to use diagrams and mock-ups to convey ideas. Such documentation of ideas helps reduce misunderstandings, which are common when working from different offices.

Our focus and expertise

Our focus area is outsourcing for mid-to-large financial enterprises, Cloud Migrations, Digital Transformation initiatives, technical consulting, and support in expanding multi-country businesses around the world, keeping in mind various legal and as well as data and financial processing.

  1. Custom Software Development: We specialize in delivering tailored software solutions that perfectly align with your business requirements. Our team of experienced developers utilizes the latest technologies and frameworks to create scalable, secure, and high-quality applications.

  2. Web and Mobile App Development: Enhance your online presence with our top-notch web and mobile applications. Our experts excel in developing feature-rich, user-friendly interfaces for various platforms, ensuring seamless user experiences.

  3. UI/UX Design: Captivate your users with visually appealing and intuitive interfaces. Our talented designers work closely with our developers to create stunning UI/UX designs that maximize user engagement and satisfaction.

  4. Quality Assurance and Testing: We ensure that your software solution meets the highest quality standards. Our dedicated quality assurance team conducts rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance, security, and reliability across different scenarios.

  5. Cloud Infrastructure and Deployment: Benefit from our expertise in cloud infrastructure services. We ensure seamless deployment and scalability, leveraging leading cloud platforms to provide cost-effective, efficient, and flexible solutions tailored to your needs.

  6. Digital Transformation: Embrace the digital age with our comprehensive digital transformation services. We help you leverage technology to optimize your business processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation.

  7. Cloud Migration: Seamlessly transition your applications and data to the cloud with our expert cloud migration services. We ensure a smooth and secure migration, enabling you to take advantage of the scalability, cost-efficiency, and flexibility offered by cloud platforms.

  8. Multiregional Business Expansion: Expand your business into new regions with confidence. Our team has the expertise to navigate the complexities of multiregional expansion, providing you with the necessary technology solutions and support to enter new markets successfully.

  9. Big Data Predictive Analytics: Unlock valuable insights from your data with our big data predictive analytics services. Our experts leverage advanced analytics techniques to help you make data-driven decisions, identify patterns, and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

  10. B2B2C Integrations: Streamline your business operations and enhance collaboration with our B2B2C integration services. We enable seamless connectivity and data exchange between your business, partners, and customers, fostering efficient workflows and improved customer experiences.

  11. Maintenance and Support: Our commitment extends beyond project completion. We provide ongoing maintenance and reliable support services to keep your application up-to-date, secure, and bug-free, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Our Engagement Models

  1. Dedicated team, setup matching your needs:

  • Capacity-based price – we guarantee consistent capacity, knowledge retention, and required capacity & skills availability.
  • A dedicated manager – your co-pilot in this tech journey. 

  • Compliance – your project follows all applicable & required standards.

  • Schedule Invoicing – no surprises, no extra paperwork, predictable payments with predictable results.

  2. Specialists, ready to deliver:

  • Flexible payment model – “subscription” to guarantee availability or T&M for “time-to-time” involvement.

  • Additional direct contracts with a consultant – you can spread your internal policies and regulations to the consultant.

  • Dedicated in-house compliance and employment conditions - you can trust your secrets to our consultants.

  • Flexibility – we understand that your business might have special compliance requirements and we are open to discussing it.

  3.  Technical & Process compliance, as a Service:

  • Assistance in M&A processes – fresh look on IT and internal processes from aside; professional suggestions.

  • Corporate Operations Compliance – no “white spots” in company operations anymore; professional study of it.

  • Early alerting – zero risk tolerance approach; company operations early risks detection.

  • Personal approach – we are focusing on important aspects of you and your business.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Guaranteed Timeframes: We understand the importance of meeting deadlines. We committed to delivering projects within the agreed-upon timeframes, ensuring that you can plan and execute your business strategies effectively.

  2. Extensive Workforce: With a team of 200+ highly skilled workers and 50+ professionals in IT industry, we have the capacity to handle projects of any scale and complexity in any language and any platforms.

  3. Complete Operational Management: We take care of the entire development process, from initial concept to final delivery. Simply supply us with a list of your demands, and we'll handle the rest.

Choose Paris Tel Aviv as your trusted partner for end-to-end solutions. Our extensive workforce, operational management expertise, and commitment to delivering projects on time make us the ideal choice for businesses seeking exceptional development services.


Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and experience the Paris Tel Aviv difference.

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