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TLV CAPITAL offices in Lithuania


Lithuania, a captivating Baltic nation, shines brightly on the global stage as a powerhouse in the IT industry, boasting cutting-edge technological advancements and consistently high rankings in the world of technology.


95% of Vilnius inhabitants are satisfied with living in the city (European Commission, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, ‘Quality of life in European cities survey’, 2019).


Western-minded and business-oriented

  • Part of NATO and EU since 2004.

  • part of Eurozone since 2015.

  • part of OECD since 2018.

Fast, reliable and affordable infrastructure

  • 3 international airports give access to major European cities within 2-3 hrs.

  • 2nd in CEE for ICT infrastructure (EBRD Knowledge Economy index, 2019).

TLV CAPITAL offices in Lithuania
TLV CAPITAL offices in Lithuania

Highly qualified talent pool

  • 56% of population with higher education.

  • 2nd in EU by bachelor graduates per capita in STEM.

  • 1st in EU for the share of ICT specialists with tertiary education.

  • 2nd globally for digital/ technological skills availability.

  • 85% proficiency in English among young professionals.

IT connectivity that's ahead of the pack

  • Fastest public Wi-Fi in the world.

  • 3rd in CEE for digital competitiveness.

  • 97 % of businesses use digital public services.

  • 4th globally in Global Cyber Security Index.

  • 90 % of public sector services are digitized.

  • 100% mobile 4G coverage

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