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TLV Capital Finance

TLV Capital Finance


TLV Capital’s Financial Services arm includes the following subsidiaries:
- Tel Aviv Capital Ltd.
- Rhino Capital Ltd.
- Delta Target Ltd.
- Firstrade Academy Ltd. 
- Global Capital Ltd.

Services provided by the Financial arm include: 
- Mergers and acquisitions, companies holdings management.
- VC funds development.
- Distribution of alternative investment products.
- Intraday trading training.
- Fund of funds development.
- Investment banking in the Eurasia region.



Why Partner With Us ?


Having seen the journey of the financial industry over the last several decades, we understand the unique challenges of building a successful business, and we bring to leverage the unique business networks and industry relationships that we have established over the years.
Our portfolio businesses also benefit from the reputation and brand equity of TLV Capital, thus making it easier for the businesses to forge new relationships with vendors and attract high quality employees. We also encourage our investee businesses to collaborate and set-up a mutually reinforcing ecosystem by sharing resources and best practices.

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TLV Capital Finance

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