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Hanan Shwartz - An insurance and finance expert

The role of an insurance agent is multi-faceted and crucial in today's society. Insurance agents act as intermediaries between insurance companies and individuals or businesses seeking insurance coverage. They play a vital role in helping clients understand their insurance needs, navigate the complexities of insurance policies, and ultimately find the best insurance solutions.

One of the primary responsibilities of an insurance agent is to assess the risks faced by their clients. By understanding the unique circumstances and potential hazards that individuals or businesses may encounter, agents can provide tailored insurance advice. Insurance agents analyze factors such as property value, business operations, health history, and driving records to determine the appropriate coverage necessary to mitigate risk.

Furthermore, insurance agents are experts in insurance products and policies. They have a comprehensive understanding of the different types of insurance available, including auto, home, life, health, and business insurance, among others. This knowledge allows them to recommend the most suitable coverage options for their clients' specific needs and budget.

Another essential aspect of the insurance agent's role is assisting clients with the claims process. When an unfortunate event occurs, such as a car accident or property damage, insurance agents are there to guide their clients through the claims process. They help gather the necessary documentation, submit the claim to the insurance company, and advocate on behalf of their clients to ensure a fair and timely settlement.

Insurance agents also serve as trusted advisors, providing ongoing support and guidance to their clients. They conduct regular policy reviews to ensure that coverage remains adequate and adjust insurance plans as needed. Additionally, agents stay up-to-date with industry trends and changes, ensuring their clients are aware of any new policies or regulations that may impact their insurance needs.

Moreover, insurance agents play a crucial role in educating their clients about insurance. They explain complex terms, coverage limits, deductibles, and exclusions, making it easier for clients to understand their policies. By fostering a strong client-agent relationship based on trust and open communication, insurance agents empower clients to make informed decisions about their insurance coverage.


Home insurance

Your home is perhaps your most valuable asset, and it is exposed to several significant risks. It is very important to ensure both the structure of the apartment (the walls and everything adjacent to them) and its contents (all the property in the apartment). The insurance company protects against burglary, attempted burglary, flooding of the apartment, flood due to natural damage, explosion of a gas cylinder, fire, earthquake, damage to the building by a vehicle or aircraft, and other damages.

How to choose a suitable policy?

The basic apartment policy is the same among all insurance companies. The difference is in the many additional covers that the insurance company provides from France, the level of service it provides, and the price. It takes an expert agent to match the right policy to your needs. We do this by checking the property data, your data and your wishes, and from many years of familiarity with the insurance companies.

An estimate of the contents of the house

To determine the financial value of the contents of the house, the insurance company may send you an appraiser who will perform a professional assessment and record everything in the house, furniture, electrical appliances, musical instruments, special ornaments, paintings unusual art objects, and more. He will perform a monetary evaluation of the jewelry in the house and any other item that has a high monetary value. It is the insurance company that bears the cost of the surveyor, and adjusting the scope of the insurance to his assessment ensures that adequate compensation is received when necessary.


We will advise you on the possibility of expanding the policy to cover certain items that appear in the contents of the house such as a laptop or specific jewelry, ensuring even when something happens to them outside the home such as the loss of these products.


Third-party insurance'

It is important to ensure in this framework also risks to which a third party is exposed (someone who is at home and is not a family member, such as a professional) who compensates the policyholder if he is supposed to pay money to those who were injured while at home.

Mortgage insurance

What is mortgage insurance?

Mortgage insurance is the mortgaged apartment insurance + the borrower's life insurance (in the amount of the loan). It is designed to protect the financier's money and to repay the loan in the event of the borrower's death, or severe damage to the property. The insurance also gives peace of mind to the borrower, by relieving his family of the financial burden placed on them at the time of his death.

How do you purchase mortgage insurance?

Upon receipt of the bank's request, we will check for you which policy is appropriate for the scope of the mortgage, your data, and the data of the insured property. To adjust the insurance to your data in the best way, you will have to provide a "health declaration", as well as the data of the property, its physical condition, and its value.


The IRS recognizes part of your expenses for "mortgage insurance", therefore it is possible to deduct part of this expense as part of the personal report to the IRS.

The secret - close monitoring of the mortgage balance

The insurance cost is derived from the value of the mortgage debt at any given moment. As time passes, the balance gets smaller, and the amount of insurance must be reduced accordingly, thus saving a lot of money. We do it for you.

Travel insurance

Damage to you, your health, or your dignity when traveling abroad may be severe. Travel insurance abroad is the right solution to this risk.

The insurance rate is daily, and it is determined according to the duration of the trip, the passenger's state of health, the nature of the trip (for example: skiing or extreme sports), and the value of the baggage.


Covering her dignity and personal equipment

This insurance covers loss or damage to luggage, bags, passports, cameras, cell phones, and more.

Covering flight-related issues

Foreign travel insurance covers cases where the passenger is unable to fly and will therefore receive a refund, which includes the cost he paid for the flight ticket.

Possible reasons for eligibility for the refund are illnesses related to the passenger or his close family member, or, God forbid, the death of a close family member.

Insurance in medical matters

The insurance company will cover costs arising from various medical conditions, such as a doctor's examination or a visit to a hospital abroad, and expenses related to health conditions such as staying for extra days abroad and paying for a hotel. You can purchase special insurance for women during pregnancy, as well as fly to Israel in a small plane designed to evacuate patients from various destinations to Israel.

Insurance for adventurous travel such as diving, abseiling, skiing, rafting, etc. includes an option for rescue in cases of loss of contact with the insured or health damage.

Availability of insurance company representatives

When operating insurance abroad, it is important to do so through an insurance company whose representatives are available around the clock and thus assist Israeli travelers who are abroad in any scenario. Our experience allows us to choose the most effective and suitable cover for you.

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Car insurance

As a vehicle owner, you must insure the vehicle at all times, to protect the driver, passengers, buildings on the road, other vehicles that may be damaged by your vehicle, and pedestrians. Such damage can cost you a lot of money, and the policy is the one that will provide the compensation in your place.


Car insurance includes two policies:

Compulsory insurance

Comprehensive insurance (the vehicle itself and other parties that are injured), or only a third party (insurance of other parties only).


What is compulsory insurance?

This insurance covers injury to the body of the driver, passengers, or anyone else injured by the vehicle. The insurance covers the damages to the victim regardless of the question of fault in the accident. The scope of compensation is unlimited.

Compulsory insurance also covers any financial issue related to various health scenarios that result from the injury, such as compensation for suffering and compensation for loss of earnings due to the inability to work temporarily or permanently.


What is comprehensive insurance?

Insurance covers the cost of the damage caused to the offending vehicle and the injured vehicle due to a traffic accident.

This insurance also covers situations where the vehicle is damaged by cases such as natural disasters, theft, fire, vandalism, and more. In the event of an accident caused by wear and tear on the vehicle, the insurance does not cover the cost of the parts themselves.


What is third-party insurance?

Customs insurance for damage caused to a third party's vehicle only, a pedestrian, or a building damaged by the accident involving your vehicle. Since this insurance does not cover damage to your vehicle, the out-of-pocket costs can be high.


Car owners who only use the third-party option usually choose this route when their car is old and its financial value is low, so they do not want to bear the high costs of a comprehensive insurance policy.

Health insurance

The supplementary insurance in the various health insurance funds covers a wide range of necessary coverages but leaves quite a few insurance risks without an adequate response. Many therefore purchase a private health policy from an insurance company, to complete this important insurance coverage.

What is private health insurance?

The insurance companies offer different types of private health insurance policies, through which the insured can receive necessary treatments from doctors who are experts in their field, perform transplants, receive financing for drugs that are not included in the drug basket and, if necessary, perform surgeries in Israel or abroad within a relatively short period, and save For himself, the waiting time is long in the public and government hospitals in Israel. Sometimes, such a wait can lead to aggravation and an increase in the insured's health risk.

Why do you need private health insurance?

The need to purchase a health insurance policy stems from the fact that the waiting time in Israel for a meeting with a specialist, or a surgery, is very long. Health insurance policyholders have priority and are directed to perform this procedure in one of the private hospitals in Israel. In this way, they save the long waiting time of weeks or months for urgent surgery that they have to perform.


The choice of the consulting doctor, therapist, and surgeon is also not subject to the consideration of those who do not have a private health insurance policy.


Beyond that, there are life-saving drugs that are not included in the health basket and are covered within the benefits for health insurance policyholders. The price of the drug for the insured is infinitely less than the price for the uninsured.


A person who needs a transplant of a certain organ in his body can get permission to travel with his family member to a destination abroad to perform the transplant in another country, where the necessary organ is available and it is possible to do it quickly.


Activation of health insurance

The complexity of coverage in the various health insurances, and the need to avoid double insurance, which amounts to a considerable waste of money, require a thorough understanding, and familiarity with the quality of service offered by the various insurance companies


That is what we exist for

The main goal of private health insurance is to provide the best care to our loved ones and us, without having to spend a fortune. Correct counseling and an informed purchase of the appropriate health insurance can save the insured family hundreds of thousands of shekels.

Hanan Shwartz CEO Magen Capital

Hanan Shwartz



  • Insurance and finance expert in a variety of areas and products - risks, life, health, pensions, and investments.

  • BA in Business Administration and Finance (Honours) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Reichman University.

  • Investment portfolio management and pension agent license.

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