TLV Capital's Corporate Governance, Due Diligence Values, Controls, and Principles:

  • We will only undertake and invest in businesses and opportunities we fully understand.


  • We will only invest in corporate and non-corporate entities, structures and individuals with whom we are comfortable doing business with – no matter how attractive the commerciality of a transaction may appear. Getting “comfortable” includes but is not restricted to: 

  1. The jurisdiction of incorporation / registration / residence. 

  2. A very clear understanding and acceptance of the source of wealth of all individuals involved in the transaction or where a non-individual entity, the source of funds/funding from which the assets being acquired have been derived. 

  3. The reputation of individuals and entities involved in any potential transaction.

  4. Complete compliance with any applicable governmental sanctions and policies.

  • We will maintain a robust control and oversight of the expenditure being incurred throughout the organizational structure to ensure costs are well and appropriately managed.

  • We will always focus on Fairness, Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency and Integrity.

  • Please note that TLV Capital is not an investment adviser, is not registered as an investment adviser, and does not seek, solicit or accept investment advisory clients or provide investment advice to third-party investors.