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Our Mortgage Broker is approved by the Central Bank of Israel to provide credit consulting.

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Our Insurance Agency is licensed by the Israeli Regulator Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority.

The TLV Capital Organizational Chart

Trusty Group Ltd

The world of insurance and finance is undergoing changes, a large part of the change is due to digital changes and innovations. One of the reasons for establishing the site stems from the need to simplify the world of insurance for the consumer, and allow him to make a purchase of insurance products via the Internet and to receive humane and professional service.

Trusty Group  provides a service that enables a short, efficient and focused procedure to receive quotes for insurance from a wide variety of insurance agents, who work with a wide variety of insurance companies and hundreds of insurance products - in all this chaos there is a need for one website that will gather all the information, simplify it and access the details to consumers. 


Latest News


Our History


 TLV Founded By Uri Shmueli


Beginning of activity in Europe


Minsk office opens


TLV's Financial Service arm opens


TLV's Technology arm opens


Re-organization of TLV's Consulting arm

A subsidiary of TLV Capital



A subsidiary of TLV Capital
A subsidiary of TLV Capital
A subsidiary of TLV Capital
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Legal Entity




Man's Luxury  Wallet

€ 375

Man's Luxury  Perfume

€ 275

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