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TLV Consulting.

Our Consulting Solutions

TLV Consulting is an innovative and pioneering company that believe in effective consulting for our clients. We work with the best experts and give measurable results. Our goal is to give the best solutions to the problems and challenges of our clients.
Together we will define the task, reviews the information, conduct our diagnosis and provide clear recommendations. We also help to build consensus and commitment to the process, and assist in the implementing phase. Working with us, help your business improve its organizational effectiveness, and give you tools to resolve similar problems in the future.

Our Services

Risk Management

  • Professional consulting.

  • Risk survey.

  • Focus review of entities & businesses.

  • Risk management guidelines & oversight.

  • Annual plan for risk managers.

  • Risk mitigation.

  • ERM program for corporates.

  • ESG standards.

Funds and Financial Instruments

  • Regulatory Consulting.

  • Issuing new financial instruments.

  • Digital currency.

  • Mutual funds.

  • Hedge funds.

  • ETF.


Public Companies

  • IPOs.

  • M&A.

  • Regulation & Compliance.

  • Periodic Reporting.

  • Financial Reporting.


  • Public companies.

  • Mutual funds.

  • Portfolio managers.

  • Investment advisers.

  • Investment houses.

  • Analysts.

  • Banking and finance.

  • Insurance companies.

  • Internal auditors.

Internal Audit

  • Internal audit services.

  • Internal audit work plan.

  • Consulting Internal auditors.


Compliance and Enforcement

  • Develop and implement compliance policies and procedures.

  • Training and seminars for employees and managers.

  • Compliance monitoring and audits.

  • Chief compliance officer services.


Corporate Governance

  • Internal controls and compliance with laws.

  • Monitor financial reporting and public disclosure.

  • Training and seminars for employees and managers.

  • Setting ethical business conduct.

  • Advisers to Compensation and Audit Committees.

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Yitzhak Zaken, CPA (Adv.)

CEO Of TLV Consulting

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