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Message from the Group Chairman


As we continue to drive our holdings company I would like to share our strategic focus which is meticulously crafted around key principles that reflect our commitment to sustained growth and innovation.

Focused Investments: We prioritize investments in companies operating in the financial services and technology segments, recognizing the dynamic nature of these industries. This strategic focus positions us to harness opportunities arising from technological advancements and evolving market trends, ensuring a resilient portfolio in a rapidly changing landscape.

Balanced Portfolio Management: Our approach involves investing in mature companies while concurrently establishing innovative partnerships. This dual strategy not only ensures stability through established entities but also fosters agility and adaptability through collaborative ventures. By striking a balance between maturity and innovation, we strive for a well-rounded and future-proofed investment portfolio.

Efficient Cash Flow Management: Our approach involves strategic routing of cash flow from core business activities to facilitate additional investments and the distribution of dividends. This meticulous cash flow management ensures a balance between reinvesting in growth opportunities and fostering sustained financial health.

Geographical Expansion: Recognizing the growth potential in Eastern Europe, we are strategically expanding our activities to additional countries in the region. This expansion aligns with our commitment to exploring emerging markets, capitalizing on untapped opportunities, and diversifying our geographical footprint.

Thank you for your unwavering dedication and hard work. Together, we will continue to lead in the business landscape and create a brighter future for our group and the sectors we serve.

Jan 2024
Uri Shmueli
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Tel Aviv Capital Holdings Corp. Group

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